Nanaz Hatami is the Founder and inspiration behind Nanaz Couture. She benefits from a rich background in the fine arts of Persia, complementing that with the modern fashion of the west and putting her talents to work as a designer from her experiences around the world. Positioned between haute couture and ready-to-wear Nanaz can create any fabulous creation you desire. Straight Up Style sat down with the  hot designer making waves in Hollywood to discuss design, fashion, making dresses for Paula Abdul and much more …

What made you want to become a fashion designer? I originally took a degree in fine arts and one of my subjects was fabric design.  I really enjoyed that and after that, moved more toward what you can do with fabric and took an interest in designing.

What time of day are you most creative? Late at night.  That is when I do most of my sketches.   

What inspires you to design the wedding dresses and eveningwear you do? My older sister was a dress designer for many years and she used to design gowns for many diplomats and political figures in Washington including Mrs. Carpenter (President Nixon’s secretary).  I started out her, and I was originally inspired from there.  As for today, I see inspiration in everything.  Everyday objects that are random for most people, will give me ideas for shapes and different fabrics that I design.

What do you most love about being a designer? Creating something new every day.  There is nothing I would rather do.

You must be ecstatic that Paula Abdul wore one of your designs on The X Factor the other night (pic above) how did that occur? Her stylist Kayla who I had worked with before, asked me if I wanted to present my designs to Paula.  I sent her two designs and she loved both of them.

Is she as tiny as she looks on the television?  She has a gorgeous slim figure.  Perfect to work with.

Did you have free rein to design what you liked for her or did you get given a brief? I had free reign and I chose what to design specially for her.

I loved the bold graphic print of the dress, what made you design this style of dress for Paula? I am very particular about the fabrics I source.  That particular one was beautifully hand beaded and when I saw it, I immediately thought of Paula.

If you had to describe Paula’s style in three words what would that be? Classic, elegant and simple.

Did you know she was going to wear your dress on the night or was it a total surprise? She called me that same afternoon and told me she is wearing my dress herself and was such a special moment for me. It was so nice of her to do that.

What were your feelings when you saw her in one of your designs? Proud…very very proud.

Fill in this blank. Nanaz  Hatami designs make me feel …. special

If you were to design Paula’s finale dress on The X Factor what would that look like? I would design something fitted long and full

What’s next for you? This is an exciting start for me and I look forward to expanding showcasing more of my work for people to see. 

Twitter nanazcouture
Web http://nanazcouture.com



  1. Great interview Katy! Love how Paula’s style is described as classic, simple and elegant! And I love that Paula called to inform that she would be wearing the dress. She is such a sweetheart. <3

  2. Thanks Nea for your comments. Fab dress and it looked lovely on Paula! X

  3. Love this interview, the dress was FA-BU-LOUS on her, i can’t stop reading this again and again, Paula must be so perfect to work with!

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