Going For Gold: Golden Girl Paula Shines

Wow, was anyone actually able to concentrate on the show the other night? It seemed all eyes were firmly fixed on Paula as she stormed the stage in another fabulously out of this fashion world sexy Nanaz Couture design.  And while the headlines may all be about who will win The X Factor, Paula reclaimed the limelight in a teeny-tiny (and supremely tight) metallic gold and silver lace dress by Nanaz Couture.  Her now staple long glossy curls were half up half down paired with long lashes, long earrings and a nude lip provided the finishing touches. I love seeing Paula wearing gold and silver together which also happens to be nice and festive for this time of year. I sat down with the lovely designer Nanaz and she told me that ” it’s very difficult to find gold and silver woven together so beautifully. So when I found that in a lace, I knew it was going to be something special for Paula. I lined the dress with a silver lining, so the silver colour would stand out. This was to do justice to it, next to gold.’’  As the final approaches it’s hard to see how Paula will beat this look. What do you think? How do you rate Paula’s metallic mini? Comment below.


4 responses to “Going For Gold: Golden Girl Paula Shines

  1. That look created one hell of an echo around the world! I even read that the press in Brazil is going crazy about it. The dress is to die for, even if it is so short she could barely sit down in it – a dress like that is made to be admired standing up anyways! ;) I am sure Paula didn’t use her best dress before the finale – I predict even bigger things to come!

  2. Credits for this dress goes to Nanaz Hatami, amazing designer, she must be so proud, Paula looked gorgeous as hell, as usual. I can’t wait to see what she’ll be wearing at the big finale !

  3. She looked super gorgeous! I can’t wait to see what she has in stores for us for the finale. :)

  4. The press in Brazil actually did go crazy about this dress, nea. And so did I, btw. I have no idea how Paula will manage to outshine this look on the finale, but then again, I couldn’t imagine how she would do it during the other weeks either.

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